Ram 2500 more than meets the needs of off-road duties and work site challenges. Its immense power, deft handling and efficiency make it a bestselling heavy-duty pickup suitable for both paved streets and bumpy country roads. Ram 2500's capability features are too numerous to discuss in detail here, so our Xit Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram team selected two for your info.

Optimal Tire Pressure

Ram 2500's Tire Pressure Monitoring system keeps you abreast of its own tire pressure as well as live pressure readings of up to four trailers with up to 12 tires per trailer. The info remains available at all times in the Ram 2500 Driver Information Digital Cluster Display, helping you stay on top and maintain optimal tire pressure at all times.

Toughest Winch on the Market

?A newly designed Ram 2500 WARN ZEON-12 Winch consists of highly sturdy synthetic material that resists fraying and kinking. Although it retains its 12,000-pound rating, the new WARN ZEON-12 Winch is 28 pounds lighter than its predecessors. It's also a class-exclusive: the only factory-installed, heavy-duty pickup truck winch. Test drive the Ram 2500 at our Dalhart dealership today to experience its outstanding capability features for yourself.


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