When the Ram 1500 pulls cargo, its engine provides consistent power while key technologies increase safety. You can tow cargo on a trailer with a Ram 1500 on regular streets and off-road trails without experiencing any stability problems because this truck has an advanced suspension system. The springs underneath the 1500 perform well on different types of terrain.

When you press the Ram 1500's gas pedal, reliable power generates from a V8 engine. Thanks to a strong HEMI, the Ram 1500 can move equipment that's up to 12,750 pounds. The most useful feature that works seamlessly with the engine is eTorque. It's basically a generator that's powered by belt-driven hardware. During towing jobs, eTorque replaces an alternator and boosts the Ram 1500's towing abilities.

Xit Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram is a local automotive dealership that sells new and used Ram trucks to consumers in Dalhart, TX. The Ram 1500 is featured in our product line and it's available for a short test drive.


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