Power and Comfort go Hand in Hand With the RAM 2500

Many lesser pickup trucks offer users a choice between relative luxury or Spartan utility. Thankfully, pickup trucks like the popular 2019 RAM 2500 offer drivers and passengers the best of both worlds. This iconic vehicle provides special extras like bed lowering capability while offering more than adequate output under the hood.

Moving around heavy loads is tough enough without having to spend extra time and energy getting them into and out of truck beds. That’s why the RAM 2500 pickup truck presents the comfort and convenience of bed lowering capability. This feature not only makes it easier to deal with cargo, it also allows vehicle operators to carefully adjust loads for proper balance.

Even though bed lowering capability is a staple of the new RAM pickup, it can still haul a healthy 4,050 pounds of gear in the rear bed. This capacity is more than enough to transport healthy amounts of personal or business related gear on any journey.



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