How to a Save Fuel in a Dodge Grand Caravan

As you may know, Dodge started the minivan era in the 1980s. Today, we proudly offer the modern Dodge Grand Caravan at XIT Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram. In this blog piece, we wish to highlight this popular minivan's fuel-saving features.

On every new Grand Caravan, Dodge installs tires that help it travel more easily across road surfaces. Known as low rolling-resistance tires, these tires lessen the work necessary for the engine to move the auto, which enables the Grand Caravan to maximize its fuel efficiency while it takes you and anyone important to you where you need to go.

Additionally, Dodge built this year's Grand Caravan with a fuel economizer. No other minivan in its class includes a similar feature. To activate the fuel economizer, you simply press the dashboard's ECON button. The system then electronically monitors your driving style, the road's conditions and other factors to modify Grand Caravan's engine timing and transmission-shift points.



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