Cracked Headlight Housing Can Lead To More Costly Repairs

The road is full of all sorts of hazards. Rocks, screws, all sorts of different debris litter the road ways and can be kicked up into your vehicle, causing significant damage. One of the more vulnerable parts to this type of hazard are your headlight casings. This is the hard-plastic shell that protects your inner bulbs that actually function to the light the way, or indicate a turn.

Here at XIT Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram in Dalhart, TX, we have seen all sorts of damage done to headlights. While you may think that you can let a small crack or chip go without any significant impact, this can actually lead to more costly repairs. A crack can let in moisture which can quickly destroy all of the bulbs in the housing. Some bulbs can costs upwards of one hundred dollars or more, turning a relatively inexpensive repair into a costly one.

If you see any damage to your headlight casing it is important that you bring it into XIT Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram right away. It may cost a little bit of money to repair upfront, but could save you significantly more down the road.

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